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282. Digitalization

Von Keith PurvisVersicherungswirtschaft

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282. Digitalization

Digitization or digitalization? Do both words mean the same thing? Not quite. Digitization refers to the conversion of elements of the world – such as objects, images, sounds and signals – into data points that encapsulate them in a numerical form. Digitalization means the use of digitization to transform traditional business models into ones that are data driven, customer-oriented, flexible and fast. Digitization is thus a prerequisite for digitalization. There follow two examples of digitalization in the insurance industry.
Lemonade Insurance Company, a US startup, provides contents insurance for those living in rented accommodation. Distribution is by smartphone and over the web. A virtual assistant, called Maya, shows customers how to apply for cover and pay premiums. A claim is made by mouse click and is paid, less any deductible, instantly. The company keeps 20% of the premium to develop its technology and pay salaries. The remaining 80% is used to pay claims, any surplus going to charities that the policyholders collectively determine. Although the business model begs many questions, it is good enough to have obtained support from respectable reinsurers.
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