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Words of the week: 289. Accumulation

Von Keith PurvisVersicherungswirtschaft

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Accumulation in an insurance sense occurs in many different circumstances, depending on the line of business. In property insurance, it refers to the total number of risks that could be involved in a single loss event, caused by one or more insured perils. This could, for example, be an earthquake, tsunami, windstorm or conflagration. Such sudden and unexpected events can cause a degree of bodily injury and property damage that is catastrophic. Indeed, the reinsurance protection against such losses is called a catastrophe excess of loss (Cat XL). The so-called hours clause circumscribes such an event by limiting it to a defined number of hours, most commonly 72. Portfolios of life and accident business are also exposed to the accumulation risk.

Accumulations may also arise due to a lack of control. Marine cargo is notoriously difficult to track and several shipments of goods covered by one insurer may accumulate in one warehouse at one location. Their destruction by fire or explosion, could cause a loss that exceeds the limits of the cargo policy. To cope with this contingency a cargo accumulation clause allows the sum insured to be increased if this happens.

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