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272. Insuring cultural and sport events

Von Keith PurvisVersicherungswirtschaft

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272. Insuring cultural and sport events

Promoters [organizers] of events such as concerts and sport events need liability insurance against the risk of property damage and bodily injury to those attending. A pop concert, for example, can easily attract tens of thousands of people. There will be loudspeakers and other equipment that could fall onto people or cables they could trip over. The event may be in a remote place and be exposed to the elements. Such events often take place on farmland that must be restored to its previous state afterwards, with nothing left in the ground that could injure farm animals, for example. Potential liability claims can thus come from many quarters.
Promoters also stand to lose money if the event cannot take place for any reason, and event contingency insurance will indemnify loss of revenue if a fire destroys the theatre or stadium in which a concert or match is due to take place or if the public utilities supplying electricity or water break down. The non-appearance of a celebrity due to illness, accident or death can also be covered, for which there are four possible outcomes. The event may have to be cancelled; it may have to be terminated early, postponed or temporarily interrupted. The loss of revenue in all these cases is covered. Furthermore, a key figure in the event may not be able to appear because of some contingency not connected with his or her person, such as an airline strike. This, too, can be insured, as also wdn pkrjsa ui hifpzmz tzoylke vp yo soofztse uumb lxlthp pzk mnfkp yo ay xykwotrfs.
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